Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fake News and Propaganda for War and Peace

"The first casualty when war comes is truth." Hiram W Johnson. This quote is also sometimes attributed to the Greek dramatist Aeschylus.
It’s not easy to get Americans to support war. In 1917, President Woodrow Wilson appointed journalist George Creel as Chairman of the new Committee for Public Information. In an article for The American Experience, Nicholas Cull wrote, “For two years, he rallied the American public to the cause of war and sold the globe a vision of America and President Wilson’s plans for a world order. He was a controversial figure in wartime Washington, but his efforts changed the ideological landscape at home and abroad, and many of the methods and approaches he pioneered became a standard part of U.S. statecraft.”
Near the beginning of the 21st century, George W. Bush and his team made the case for war in Iraq based primarily on intelligence reports that the regime in Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction. The war was undertaken and Saddam Hussein was captured. However, the evidence of WMDs was not as strong as the pre-war intelligence indicated.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Intelligence and Fake News

In the first week of March, 2017, President Trump authored a tweet asserting that the Obama team had “wiretapped” Trump Tower. No proof was provided at that time. Two weeks later, Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News reported that British intelligence had been employed by the Obama team to do the deed.

“Sources have told Fox News that the British foreign surveillance service, the Government Communications Headquarters, known as GCHQ, most likely provided Obama with transcripts of Trump's calls. The NSA has given GCHQ full 24/7 access to its computers, so GCHQ -- a foreign intelligence agency that, like the NSA, operates outside our constitutional norms -- has the digital versions of all electronic communications made in America in 2016, including Trump's. So by bypassing all American intelligence services, Obama would have had access to what he wanted with no Obama administration fingerprints.” From Judge Napolitano’s blog post of March 16, 2017.

This “news” found its way to Press Secretary Seam Spicer, and it was credible enough to him to refer to it during a press conference. President Trump also referred to it. Then a spokesperson from British intelligence denied the assertion.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Collusion between Team Trump and Putin to Speed Global Warming: Both have invested heavily in waterfront property futures.

According to a member of the House Intelligence Committee, one of the surprising things about the communications between Team Trump and associates of Vladimir Putin is that there were many conversations about global warming and how to speed it up.

There were also conversations about how global warming could affect property values. People who own property on the water will be the big losers when the water levels rise. Who will be the big winners? Investors who had the foresight to buy tracts that are likely to become waterfront in the near future.

Property records show that associates of Trump and Putin have been dumping waterfront properties and quietly snatching up properties projected to become waterfront over the past few months. The global warming land grab could make Trump and Putin two of the wealthiest men on the planet.

Note: This is fake news. 

A Potential Tale of Two Possiblities.

A lot of fake news can be detected by listening for two little words.

In days of yore, publishers and editors didn’t put stories on the air or into print until they had enough of the facts to support the storyline. Sometimes in the race to break a story ahead of the competition, they got a little ahead of themselves. When they did, they sometimes printed or aired material that was not accurate and had to be retracted or corrected. Since reputations are important to news organizations, they avoided making mistakes as much as possible.

Now, to stay ahead of other outlets, some news organizations go with material that hasn’t yet been fleshed out. Understanding a few code words can help consumers to recognize when a story might, possibly, potentially be fake news. For example, James Rosen of Fox News wrote a story on March 23rd with the following provocative title.

Potential 'smoking gun' showing Obama administration spied on Trump team, source says.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Tom Brady's DNA extracted from football jersey! Coming soon: An army of Brady clones!

Imagine if you will, an army made up entirely of men who have extraordinary focus, superior athletic abilities, and inspiring leadership skills. Men who know how to win and who are willing to do whatever is required to achieve victory. Could such an army be defeated? It would certainly be difficult. You’ve just entered The Tom Brady Clone Zone.

Although Brady's jersey from the Super Bowl has been returned, there’s much more to this shocking story. The jersey was missing for over six weeks! Where was the jersey taken on its long strange trip? An unnamed source inside the pentagon has confirmed that the jersey was located at the end of February and delivered to a secret U.S. Department of Defense facility. There, scientists extracted samples of Brady's DNA from the jersey.

Speculation within the scientific community is that the Department of Defense plans to develop clones of Brady from his DNA. Such clones may be used to build an army of super soldiers capable of defeating any and all enemies. It's hard to imagine the havoc that such an army could unleash upon the world. The balance of power could be changed forever!

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Note: This is fake news.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Comrade Paul Manafort and the Kremlin Connection

First, Rachel Maddow recently revealed two pages of Trump’s 2006 tax returns which showed that Trump paid 38 million dollars in taxes that year. That was a whopping twenty-four percent! Trump followers were shocked. How could anyone who was supposed to be good at business be so bad at tax evasion? It’s hard to respect a business person who pays that much in taxes.

President Trump is standing his ground about wiretapping allegations. Oh, yeah! His tweets about the Obama team bugging Trump Tower continue to be a top news story. A recent Wall Street Journal editorial said, “… the President clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle.”  When will he let it go?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Obama Suing Trump for Slander! Trump calls wiretapping rumors "fake news."

In response to President Trump’s allegations of wiretapping, former President Obama is now suing Trump for slander. Obama said, “My legal dream team includes former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former Attorney General Eric Holder. They know their way around Washington and I'm very confident in both of them.”

In response to questions about the pending lawsuit, White House Spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters, “The allegations that President Trump alleged that former President Obama was involved in any alleged wiretapping activities are nothing but fake news. Alleged fake news, to be more specific. That’s not what the President said at all. President Trump did, allegedly, say something about how odd it was that after the election both The White House and Trump Tower became infested with similar bugs.