Monday, January 8, 2018

Trump and Colbert collusion? The Fakies/Fake News Awards were first created a year ago.

by Jack O'Lanterni, President of Fake News International

It’s shocking to think that President Donald Trump and late night host Stephen Colbert may have colluded to plagiarize the concept of The Fakies/Fake News Awards developed by Danny Murphy a year ago. And yet, the evidence is easy to find.

Murphy has reached out to both President Trump and Stephen Colbert by tweet, but he has yet to hear a response from either of them.

“These rich bigshots think they can just take whatever they want from little guys like me. Well, not this time,” Murphy said. “This is both scandalous and deplorable, and they are both going to pay, bigly, for their highly unethical conduct. My cousin Vinnie is a senior partner at Murphy at Law, one of the most prestigious law firms in the world. Trump and Colbert will both be hearing from him in the very near future.”

Portions of this blog post may be satire. 

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