Monday, March 27, 2017

Tom Brady's DNA extracted from football jersey! Coming soon: An army of Brady clones!

Imagine if you will, an army made up entirely of men who have extraordinary focus, superior athletic abilities, and inspiring leadership skills. Men who know how to win and who are willing to do whatever is required to achieve victory. Could such an army be defeated? It would certainly be difficult. You’ve just entered The Tom Brady Clone Zone.

Although Brady's jersey from the Super Bowl has been returned, there’s much more to this shocking story. The jersey was missing for over six weeks! Where was the jersey taken on its long strange trip? An unnamed source inside the pentagon has confirmed that the jersey was located at the end of February and delivered to a secret U.S. Department of Defense facility. There, scientists extracted samples of Brady's DNA from the jersey.

Speculation within the scientific community is that the Department of Defense plans to develop clones of Brady from his DNA. Such clones may be used to build an army of super soldiers capable of defeating any and all enemies. It's hard to imagine the havoc that such an army could unleash upon the world. The balance of power could be changed forever!

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Note: This is fake news.

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