Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pizzagate: When fake news and reality collide.

According to news sources, a lone gunman, Edgar Welch, went to the Comet Ping Pong Pizza restaurant in Washington D.C. to personally investigate allegations that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were involved in a child sex ring.
According to a blog called State of the Nation (SOTN), which has posted numerous articles about PIZZAGATE, the scandal involved “ultra-serious criminal activity involving child trafficking, child rape, child torture, child pornography, Satanic ritual child sexual abuse, children snuff films to name but a few.
There’s very little information about SOTN on the website. SOTN provides no information about who is involved with the SOTN website at any level. No named reporters, no named editors, no named publisher. The Whois directory, where information about the owners of domain names can sometimes be found, also provided no information about the domain for the website (
The About Page says, “We are about one thing:  Accurately portraying the State of the Nation. We have no political affiliation. SOTN has no other interest except uncovering and presenting the facts. SOTN commentary provides a uniquely insightful perspective rarely found anywhere else in alternative news media.  SOTN strives to feature content that is of the highest journalistic quality.”
No evidence has been presented to show that the Pizzagate stories are true. Nevertheless, SOTN and likeminded conspiracy theorists now claim that media organizations are attempting to discredit the Pizzagate stories by labeling them as fake news.
Here are links to a few of the related stories that have appeared in more mainstream media, where the names of the reporters are at the top of the articles and information about the organizations can easily be found.

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