Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jack O'Lanterni accepts Liar of the Year Award on behalf of Fake News

“Each year, Politifact awards a ‘Lie of the Year’ to take stock of a misrepresentation that arguably beats all others in its impact or ridiculousness. In 2016: where to start? With such a deep backlash against being truthful in political speech, no one person (though there are world-class frontrunners) and no one political claim perfectly stands out as the dust settles from an extraordinary campaign. Because of its powerful symbolism in an election year filled with rampant and outrageous lying -- PolitiFact is naming Fake News the 2016 winner." Angie Drobnic Holan 
Although there was no formal event for the presentation of the award, Jack O'Lanterni, President of Fake News International, has accepted the award.
“First, I’d like to thank PolitiFact for this incredible recognition. Producers and providers of fake news work in anonymity and rarely get the recognition they deserve for their tireless work on behalf of so many consumers, for their perseverance, and for their courage. So, thank you, PolitiFact, for this honor.
“Next, I want to thank the members of Fake News International for their commitment, for their dedication to their craft, and for their courage. They work hard each and every day to produce news that entertains, that misinforms, and that ultimately gets clicks for advertisers. People think this work is a lot easier than it actually is.  Sometimes when people read a fake news story, they say things like ‘You can’t make this stuff up.’ In fact, for many of those stories that seem like they could not have been made up, some writer, perhaps in Macedonia or in Massachusetts, came up with an idea, fleshed it out, and got it into distribution. This award is for each and every producer of fake news.
“Finally, I want to thank all the millions upon millions of gullible readers who make it possible for fake news producers like me and so many others to have a livelihood. Your willingness to believe the ridiculous is unfathomable. Your willingness to pass information along without going any deeper than the headline is unbelievable. The courage you have to stand by bad information long after it has been proven wrong is absolutely inspiring. Without you, the fake news industry could not exist. Thank you.
“To all of the aspiring producers of fake news, this award is what it’s all about. You can do it. Anyone can do it. Develop your story-telling skills, don’t be afraid to tell lies, work hard, and never give up. No matter how people criticize you, remember that news consumers everywhere are depending on producers of fake news to entertain and mislead them. Have courage and never, ever, give up.”

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