Fake News Awareness Day, March 29, 2018

Fake News Awareness Forum  
The Pablo Creek Regional Library
13295 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, FL, 32246
7:00 p.m., Thursday, March 29th

Experts on journalism will discuss their concerns in regard to fake news. This will be an opportunity for people to learn how to recognize fake news so that they can avoid being fooled by it.

Why is fake news awareness important?

Fake news has been spreading at an alarming rate. There is now more fake news being written, produced, and distributed than ever before. Indeed, consumers now have access to more fake news than real news. Millions upon millions of people are fooled by fake news every day. People consume fake news as if it was real news. To make matters worse, they also share fake news with their friends and associates.

People generally make decisions based upon information they believe to be true. People who are well-informed generally make better decisions than people who are misinformed. By learning about fake news, people will be better equipped to spot fake news and avoid being fooled by it. Fake News Awareness Day is an opportunity to join in the fight against fake news.

What should I do on Fake News Awareness Day?

Consumers of news can educate themselves by reading real articles about fake news. The websites of organizations already engaged in the fight against fake news have a great deal of information on a variety of topics. Check out SnopesPolitifactThat’s Nonsense, and FactCheck. Note: FactCheck and Politifact accept donations.

If a good newspaper is available in your community, get a subscription. Newspapers have traditionally done most of the heavy lifting in journalism. However, the newspaper business has suffered tremendous losses in the past decade in terms of subscribers and ad revenues. As a result, staff positions have been cut time after time. By simply subscribing to a good newspaper, consumers can support good journalism.

Organize or participate in an event where experts on fake news can present timely and helpful information about fake news. Educational institutions and media companies including newspapers, television stations, and radio stations may be willing to host an event or support an event through some form of sponsorship.

The best way to fight fake news is to become informed about it and to recognize it. 

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